Saturday, February 02, 2008

International roaming.

Until last week, I didn't know that we could roam internationally on our cell phones. For 2 years, we haven't been and it would've been nice while I was stuck in London City airport in June to let my husband know when I would arrive in Geneva because Aer Lingus sucks. Anyway, someone who has the same cell phone carrier, told me that we do have international roaming capabilities and need to call the carrier. Enter TH. The cell phone contracts are under my name therefore when we call the company and they hear a man's voice, they're a little thrown off. Darin already had a speech prepared for why he's calling for his wife who's too chicken to talk to them. So they ask for passwords and personal information and they must get them from me. He hands the phone to me and I have no idea what my password is. She gives me a hint. So I start naming words. Then Darin blurts it out. Hooray! It only took 5 minutes for us to remember our password. Now we have international roaming.

During our drive to Munich, you'd hear me say, "Oh, we're in Austria. What's the cell phone company?", and we'd pull out our phones to look.

Yep, we're late to the game.


The_Add_Knitter said...

That is so funny! My brother took his iPhone to London and THOUGHT he had set it up for int'l roaming, and guess what? He got home and had a $700 phone bill, so you were right to be so cautious!:)

Emma said...

Hello from one Emily to another! I ran across your blog in the knitting blogs ring and thought I'd drop in. Your life sounds so exciting :)