Thursday, January 31, 2008

Munich: the city of carbs.

TH and I just got back from another trip to Munich. He had to go for work so I tagged along. Overall, it was a really nice trip. Since Darin was working, I was on my own during the 3 days. Sunday, I did a walking tour of the city, visited an art museum, and then joined the Munich English-speaking knitting group. Someone had passed along a website that has reviews of Munich restaurants and through that, I found the group. It was comprised of expats who were working or studying in Munich. That night, Darin and I dined over plates and glasses full of carbohydrates (Munich's specialty): beer, pretzels, and potatoes. Oh, and some yummy creamed herring.

Monday, I spent the day doing a little shopping. In NYC, you can find bagel and cream cheese sandwiches, but in Munich, you find pretzel and cream cheese sandwiches. They were deelish. That night, again, we ate and drank many carbs for dinner.

Tuesday, I went on a tour of the Dachau concentration camp. What an unforgettable experience. There's only so much you can learn from movies, documentaries, and in your history classes, but being there is quite a different experience. It's really hard to explain my feelings about it in words. I recommend that everyone visit a concentration camp once in their lifetime. Next time I visit one, I'm bringing along Mel Gibson's father or anyone else that believes the Holocaust never happened. Anyone know his number?

Here's a slideshow of some photos from the trip. I recommend you read the captions from the Dachau photos.


Penny said...

Wow, Emily, they are very powerful photos.

That's great that you were able to tag along on his trip.

Hope to see you tonight


The Late Bloomer said...

Emily, sounds like you had a fabulous time in Munich! I've never been there, but now you make me want to go -- love your pictures as well... I've only been once, very briefly, to Berlin, and then a few years back my boyfriend and I went to Konstanz, where his mom grew up, on the border of Austria and Switzerland. And it seems that they ate a LOT of carbs there too! I'm gathering that perhaps Germany is the COUNTRY of carbs, whatcha think?! ;-)

Dachau must have been an incredibly intense experience... Painful, but important. I'm going to try to go back through your pictures more slowly, because I want to be able to take the time to read all of your captions.

By the way, do you know the blog figtreefranglais? It's written by Tatiana de Rosnay, who wrote a book called Sarah's Key. I'm planning on attending her next book reading at the Village Voice in Paris, on February 7th (next week!) and I'm really looking forward to reading her book. I think you might be interested in checking our her book as well!

The Late Bloomer said...

P.S. ~ I love your new blog banner! I want to learn how to personalize a banner of my own one of these days... It's so frustrating, because I've tooled around with some photos and tried to figure out how to get them into my banner (with some assistance from a blog-advice type thingie) but I just didn't manage to make it work. But I'm dying to make my own blog look a bit more "personal" and original. (and more suited to its name!)

Arlene said...

Amazing pictures. My mom and dad have some of the same. I remember the "Never again". When the unit visited again in 1975 or so, they had a memorial service there to commenurate their own lost soldiers and the victims at Dachau. Thanks for sharing with us

Julia said...

Wow, What a place...I've been to a couple Holocaust memorials before, but this one is very intense and thoughtful.

Jennifer said...

Great pictures. I imagine it was a difficult visit, but I'm glad you found it worthwhile. It sounds strange to say I'd like to go to a concentration camp on one of my vacations, but it's true.

I'm curious about the "church the devil built." Sounds like an interesting story.

I think the whole carb thing is very German/Swiss/Austrian. (And when these peoples came to America and settled in the midwest, they brought their practices with them. Too bad they couldn't remmeber how to make good beer, ja!)

misschrisc said...

I love Munich! I remember the carbs very well from my trip there--lots of fun eating and drinking beer.

Oh and Dachau was so emotional. I was completely overwhelmed. You are so right that everyone should visit at least one in their lifetime. Great pictures.

TinkerBlue said...

Isn't Dachau eerie, amazing, chilling, interesting, terrifying, thought provoking and emotional? The first time I went it was overwhelming, the second time I went I was more prepared.

I love Munich, when I was working in London we spent three "weekends" in Munich. I worked 9 nights on, 5 off, so my weekends were 5 nights long! After my first trip we went back at Christmas for the markets, and in September for Octoberfest.