Monday, November 05, 2007

Knitting and coughing.

While I've been busy hacking and sneezing and consuming too many boxes of tissues, I have been productive with my knitting during these past 2 weeks. First, I finished a hat for my French tutor. She chose the color of the yarn. I gave it to her today after apologizing for not doing any of my homework while I've been sick. I'm such a bad student.
Then this was a project I started in April. I unraveled the entire thing and reknit it. No complaints here since I love knitting on circulars. I wore it last night for the first time and it was cozy.
BTW, I'm going to the doctor today...finally. Not a fan of this particular doctor because most of my phone calls with him consist of this:

Him: Hello. Please hold.
Me: Hel... (he cutting me off by putting me on hold)
After a minute of me listening to some terrible music...
Him: Hello.
Me: Hi, this is Emily H.
Him: Yes?
Me: I've been sick for 2 weeks. Is it possible for me to make an appointment with you this afternoon?
Him: Yes. 17:15.
Me: OK. 17:15.
Him: Yes, 17:15. Good-bye.
Me: Thank you. Good... (he cutting me off by hanging up)

I don't think this doctor's a keeper.


Penny said...

Wow, they both look great! I love the cape - the colours really suit you. I hope you're feeling better soon. Remember when you are ready, I know a really nice

Victoria said...

oh sorry to hear it! feel better :)

Jennifer said...

Love the poncho!! It's so cute on you. Nice work.

ps. get well least in time for your US visit. If you're coming to the Sac area, you're welcome to stay in our lovely new guest room!!

Penny said...

Oops forgive my unfinished comment! I was trying to write something witty about my sexy doctor and hit publish instead :)

Jennifer said...

That looks great! In general and on you. :) I love the colors.

sognatrice said...

Um, I *LOVE* that cape! Reminds me of a favorite JCrew sweater I used to borrow all the time from a college roommate.

Love the hat too, but I'd definitely ask you to borrow that cape all the time if I were your roommate ;)

African Kelli said...

Hope you are feeling better soon. Your knitting looks great!

joy suzanne said...

Wow, I love that shrug/shawl thing! Oooh, I want to make one like it out of a super-soft creamy angora-y yarn (with that soft-focus fuzziness) and stay in it all winter!

So, how do I do that? :)

cilou said...

I love the cape, the colours are very nice. And with your cape, you are a very beautiful girl. Sorry for my english (I learn).

Reb said...

My daughter saw your picture and said "mommy". I love the poncho and hope you are feeling better.

mammaclaudia said...

Hi Emily... I 've been on "tricot thé annecy" and now I am visiting your blogs... I will move from Italy to Haute Savoie in december, and I would really like to join you! And... your cape looks really good!