Thursday, November 01, 2007

For a good laugh.

Read this. I laughed out loud numerous times.

I hope everyone had a nice Halloween. We had 2 trick-o-treaters last night. Last year, we had none. We were so not prepared this year and would have only had cough drops to give them so we didn't answer the door. I've been told numerous times that Halloween is an American holiday and not really celebrated over here, but I guess it's becoming more and more popular. I'll be sure to be more prepared next year.


jen said...

Cairi in our ravelry group just told me they celebrate it over there in the UK she's up in Scottland.
Cause i had no idea if they did or not!

and ew cough drops! hahaha
we ave out super ropes (long licroice whips) and blow pops! yum!

Reb said...

that was SO good. I think I'll look again.