Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Vegetarian, Flexitarian, or Pescatarian.

For V-Day, we dined at a restaurant serving a special St. Valentin 4-course fixed price meal. It was very delicious until we got to plate #3...pigeon with the claw still attached. Then it became traumatic. Darin devoured his entire plate plus mine after I asked him to cut off the claw so I could have a couple bites before getting too grossed out. Right then and there, we made a pact to work hard towards becoming: vegetarians, pescatarians, or flexitarians. Whatever. We'll see where the road takes us.

Just today I received the latest copy of "Vegetarian Times" from someone in the states. What good timing. Hm...I wonder if I can find tempeh in Annecy.

We're kicking off the "-tarian" process with tonight's dinner: an array of steamed veggies with some (fair trade) quinoa.


R_Claw said...

Did it gross you out because my nickname is "Claw?" BTW - no arianism when I'm visiting. I want meat, meat, and more meat!

Jennifer said...

Um, at the risk of sounding hopelessly square, what is "flexitarian?" Does this mean you play for both teams, so to speak? As long as you ply us with wine on our visit, you can feed us whatever you like. (My vote is for some of that suppli.)

Sara said...

I'm not sure where near Annecy, but there are "bio" stores in France where you can find all kinds of vegetarian goodness.
I went the opposite way and became a meat eater again after moving here, too many good looking meals at our local cafe.
And you have to keep eating fish so we can go have sushi!

Kelli said...

I would have freaked to see the claw. EW.
What is a flexitarian? I am a vegetarian who eats fish and eggs. I wonder what that makes me?

Michael said...

It's pretty hard to be vegetarian in France, meat is an important part of their diet. When I suggest to my French wife a vegetarian meal she insists on having meat. And usually quite a bit more than the 125g that one should have!

I try not to eat the weird stuff and I've never ordered pigeon before. And if I saw the claw I think I'd send it back!!

Kristen said...

You can make your own tempeh. Just have to find the soybeans and the right mould.