Thursday, February 22, 2007

RIP Microsoft Word.

D (and I) were recently commissioned to translate 6,800 words from French to English. Right now, I'm spending the majority of the time on it and soon Darin will join in and clean it up. During my recent intimate relationship with this translation, MS Word's being dying a slow death right before my very eyes. I believe it's this particular document that's killing it. "Emily, just reload Word onto your computer. Duh.", you're probably saying to yourself. If only I'd remembered to pack the disk when I moved here. Who knew it had decided to die by frustrating the hell out me (note frustration in photo) as it crashed, what seemed to be, 101 times in a row. After I was about to throw my beloved laptop out the window while cursing Bill Gates, D recommended that I download something called, OpenOffice. I did, opened the translation within this new program, successfully typed about 10 words, and then...crash, reload, crash, reload, crash. Merde! The document has got to be bugged. Finally, I copied everything I've done so far and pasted it into a brand new document. So far, so good.


Jennifer said...

Are you using a Mac or PC? I'm a big Mac fan and I'm trying to convert everyone I know! :)

Emily said...

It's a PC. I think we'll keep it until it dies. :P

Sara said...

I agree, Macs rock (and they are oh so cute), just make sure you get it in the states as all computers are like twice as expensive here.