Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Things I've learned recently.

The other day, I finally saw "the city" clean up the dog crap off the sidewalks. They use heavy duty hoses to push it...into the gutters. Lovely. No wonder Darin is always warning me about watching where I step when I'm about to step near a gutter. And where do they suppose it goes after it sits in the gutter? Pa-lease.

Today, I had lunch with another volunteer. She's a smoker. She asked the restaurant owner if she could smoke in the restaurant. He told us it is now forbidden in France (as of Jan. 1)!!! "Hallelujah!", I wanted to scream after hearing that. Then I noticed how nice it smelled in the restaurant. Bars still allow smoking, but have until 2008 to stop.

Annecy ice cream shops actually do stay open in the winter. In the freezing cold. In the rain. Who's gonna be in the mood for a nice cone of freezing cold ice cream?!

Today, I observed two French women debate as to whether North Africans should be allowed to immigrate to France. I had no idea it was such an issue here. Sounds familiar...

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