Sunday, February 11, 2007

10 things I ♥ about France.

1. The food. Eating baguettes and crepes and cheese and ham is not bad for you...promise.
2. Thierry Lhermitte.
3. The possibility that a female can be president of this country. Here's hoping...
4. That most everyone brings their own plastic bags/totes to the supermarkets or stores and rarely asks for a new bag for their purchased items or they'll get the evil eye from the store clerk.
5. The large quantity of fair trade food items that can be found in the supermarkets.
6. Dining at friends houses. Good conversation, a home-cooked meal, good wine, good cheese...what could be better.
7. Healthcare that costs next to nothing.
8. How much the French idolize their dogs.
9. The beautiful scenery wherever we go.
10. They dislike Bush as much as I do.

P.S. We saw "Blood Diamond" last night. C'était très bien. Je recommande. I will never look at diamonds the same way again.


Samantha said...

I LOVE Thierry Lhermite and his steely blue eyes. I don't care if he is old enough to be my father, that man is HOT!

I also agree with the rest of them, except for number 8 - I hate those small French dogs and the fact that they worship them so much they let them crap everywhere, including in the middle of the sidewalk, instead of nudging them over to the side or to a patch of grass like reasonable people would.

Sam said...

Sounds perfect, especially the dinner with friends part. As a dog owner, what I appreciate that I could take my dog into a cafe, sit and write without being hassled. I hate the idea of having to tie my dog up outside, especially in the winter. I promise I always pick up the poo.

Sara said...

mmm crepes....

Kelli said...

Me too. I had a hard time watching that movie. When I get married, I'm not going to have a diamond ring. At least not a new one. Maybe vintage or from a family member, but certainly not a new one.

Mouse said...

Me too, I mean I disagree about No 8... seems to me there are two types of dogs in France, pampered pooches who live in handbags and under restaurant tables and vicious hunting dogs who live in dark sheds and round corners and who attempt to rip your pet's throat out if ever they get loose.. and yes to the merde too, there should be a law, there are plenty of others! We also 'pick up'