Thursday, February 08, 2007

Quick update #2.

Current weather conditions: very cold + windy + rainy = yucky
Amount of snowfall: it's getting there again after having a warm week
Start of ski season in French Alps: slooooooow
How many times Darin will be skiing solely for work: 8 or so
How many times Emily has gone skiing while sporting the new ski jacket: 1
How many countries we were in over this past Sunday and Monday: 4
Months that Emily's been living in France: 13
The temp in our apartment right now: 18.4 C
Comments from Emily's tutor after today's session: "Je suis contente parce que vous parlez très vite. Plus vite qu'avant. Est-ce que vous remarquez?"
How many times the older gentleman/jerk came into the store yesterday afternoon: 1
How many words Emily said to the jerk yesterday: 0
Emily's current homework assignment: translate her current resume into French
Emily's desire to do the homework assignment: nil

1 comment:

Mouse said...

I think the UK has snow
and, as we all know, more than 2cms causes that country to gind to a halt...