Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Paris, Je t'aime.

(Photo courtesy of Becca-lecca, 2006)

Looking for a DVD to rent? We just watched "Paris Je T'Aime". It's a compilation of 20 short films each about the theme, "love". There's one film for each arrondissement in Paris. If you're a lover of Paris, rent it. If you're a hater of Paris, rent it. You'll fall in love with this most beautiful city...hopefully. Maybe a little more than half of the films are in French and the rest are either in English or without dialogue. Each film is done by a famous director. It's quite a diverse list. And you might even recognize some of the actors in the films. The scenes of Paris are wonderful and I'm glad I watched the film while sitting next to my husband as many of the films made me gushy. Add it to your NetFlix list or ask your local video store if they have it or can get it for you. It's no "The Departed", but it's worth a viewing.


franglaise said...

Oh it's fantastic isn't it?

I saw it when it was in the cinema. Made me very emotional too!

Michael said...

Thanks for the tip on the DVD, I'm going to watch it.

I cannot find a link to send you private feedback. I've been enjoying your blog and I myself have a blog on france. I'd like to know if you'd be interested in exchanging links.


Victoria said...

oh i tried to see that movie when i was in france this summer, but ran out of time.

unfortunately it hasn't been released yet in the U.S.

joy suzanne said...

Hi Emily!

Is it weird that I spent the better part of today (I'm a bit under the weather and have been apartment-bound) reading up on your impressions of France? I just kept going, amazed by all the words you took out of my mouth. I wish I had been more prolific--I've been terrible about blogging my experiences living in Montpellier. But I'm going to be better about it.

Keep writing, and I will too. Thanks for leaving me a couple of comments on my blog, btw.