Friday, March 02, 2007

Chez coiffure.

Had a hair appointment yesterday. It went quite well. I'm still beaming with pride knowing that I was able to keep up a decent conversation with my coiffeuse. The first time I entered her place, a year ago, I couldn't speak a word to her and had to bring along my translator (AKA Darin). This time, she was quite impressed with me knowing the word for "a trim". She doesn't know that I had to look up that word minutes before I left my apartment. The last time I visited her, she decided to give me more than a trim and I left there almost in tears. This time, I came prepared and was adamant about having only 1 cm chopped...not 2 or 3, thank you very much.

While she was trimming away, a song came on the radio. It was in English and one I'd never heard before. The female singer kept saying how much she wants him to f--k her. The singer enjoyed saying that word many times. Maybe halfway through the song, my coiffeuse asks me if I was listening to the song. I responded, with a surprised look on my face, that I was. She was laughing. I told her that there is no way that song would be allowed on an American radio station. She then told me that recently another client of hers, an English teacher, was getting her haircut when the song played and explained to the coiffeuse what the singer was saying. So I asked her, "Do you now understand the words of the song?", and she shook her head. I think I learned the French version of the word during one of my language school classes because in the dictionary, it means "to kiss", but is now used to mean something else...obviously. I told her what the word meant in French and then we both just laughed. She then tells me that, since she doesn't know the meaning of the words, she just enjoys the music.

I definitely need to listen to the radio more often. I feel so out of the music scene. The songs that have been played to death in our apartment are "Dick in a Box" and "White and Nerdy". And if you're wondering, no, I'm not the one who's played them one too many times.


Claw said...

Step One: Cut a hole in a box; Step Two: Put your junk in that box . . .

Jennifer and Cliff said...

Sad but true - you guys and us guys have the same sense of humor.

African Kelli said...

MAN! It makes me sad that song escaped the US. I have no idea what song it is, but why couldn't she be listening to Norah Jones? Ray Charles. Even Michael Jackson!
Bravo for the ever-expanding French vocab!

tania said...

OMG! that is too funny- that song would never be allowed in canada either-none of them!

this is a really cool blog, france! looking forward to reading more-
thanks for your worry comment- i think one of the first french words i sought out, outside of our mandatory school lessons was
"ne t'inquiete pas!" which I understod meant DON'T WORRY!