Tuesday, February 27, 2007

My Oscars recap.

Thanks to YouTube, I saw all I needed to see in less than 30 minutes. And commercial-free. It was fabulous.

Here are some of my thoughts regarding what I saw...
1. Ellen's a funny lady.
2. When the 3 most famous American directors walk onstage to present "Best Director", you think they're going to give the award to someone else other than their good friend, Marty? Please. That was a dead giveaway.
3. Alan Arkin. Saw a snippet of his speech and then fell asleep.
4. Forrest and Helen. Hooray! :)
5. I really need to see "Dreamgirls".
6. Al Gore for Prez. Who's with me?
7. Markie Mark is bad-ass.
8. Living in a foreign country during the past year...I had no idea all those people died!?


African Kelli said...

Markie Mark is a bad ass! Agreed. I only wish he was still doing Calvin Klein ads.

Jennifer said...

"Dreamgirls" is fantastic, but be careful, as you will be singing all the songs to yourself for the next few weeks. "And you, and you, and you... you're gonna love me!!!"

Anonymous said...

Al Gore for Prez? That's funnier than anything Ellen said.

Mlle Smith said...

I'm STILL in the US and I had no idea all of those people passed away...

That portion of the Oscars always gets me and makes me feel really emotional.

Marky Mark is too gorgeous. And I'm so disappointed Gore is choosing not to run. We really need a change right now.

Shefali said...

I agree on all your Oscar comments...like anyone but Scorsese was going to win. Al Gore for President!!