Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Quick update.

Current weather conditions: really cold
Amount of snowfall: next to nothing
Start of ski season in French Alps: pathetic
Darin's facial expression after reading the ski report: a frown
Emily's health report: a cold
Number of Emily's friends who are leaving Annecy and moving back home this month: 2
Days until E & D leave for Aix-en-Provence (AKA warmer weather): 3
Days until Pere Noel visits the family we're spending the holiday with: 6
Days until E's lived a full year in France (!!!): 15
Number of Darin's high school buddies who won this last season of "Survivor": 1
Number of blankets on our bed: not enough
Number of times Darin will turn up heat during winter: only when Emily has a cold

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