Friday, December 22, 2006


I went bobsledding last night with Darin's co-workers and it was cooooool. It was the office holiday outing and I ended up being the only significant other to go along. We went down the Olympic track used for the 1992 Winter Olympics in Albertville. Here's the site for more information: The track is located at La Plagne which is the largest ski resort in the world, Darin tells me. It has its very own Club Med, it's so incredibly humongous. Anyway, the ride was totally awesome (dude) though I was pretty scared the minute the guy shoved a massive helmet on my head. Once we finished, I was glad I did it. The French call it "bobsleigh". So, I went in a "bob raft" which is for 4 people. I got stuck in the back. I can tell you that it was fast and bumpy and extremely cold. The ride was only 1.5 minutes, yet felt like 20. At the beginning, it's pretty slow, so I'm thinking, "Great...a slow ride...I can enjoy the track and the atmosphere." Thanks to physics, it's gains speed and more speed and more speed. It was just like a roller coaster but without loops or dips. Darin did the "mono bob". It was just he and the track. He was the last one down out of 10 of us. His co-workers were waiting to hear him scream some sort of obscenity in English. No such luck with that.

Afterwards, we all stuffed ourselves with a hearty French dinner consisting of your normal French winter foods...raclette, fondue, sausage, wine, bread and salad with pork bits (of course). Unfortunately, one of the passengers in my vehicle spewed her dinner out the window and down the side of the van. I believe she was leaving a Christmas present for Darin's boss...the owner of that vehicle. Lucky guy.

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