Sunday, November 19, 2006

The next prez of France...perhaps a female?

Napolean may just roll over in his grave soon. Segolene Royal, an unmarried mother of 4, is running for president of France next year. I'm so excited, I want to make buttons and pass them around Annecy. Next year France, soon the USA? Here's hoping...

I've started volunteering at a local store in town. The store sells "fair trade" items. I only "work" there 2 hours a week. I look at it as just another french class. I'm mainly doing it to practice speaking and understanding, especially in a work atmosphere. I don't think they're planning on putting my behind the cash register or anything. I like standing around and asking my co-workers questions. They've already expressed their excitement to have someone who can communicate with the english-speaking customers.

The Christmas decos are up in town, snow is starting to collect at the tops of the peaks, Darin and I slept in until 12:30 today (the first time for both in eons), and I made my first tartiflette this weekend. And it was goooood. Tartiflette is a typical dish made in this region of France. It consists of potatoes, lots of Reblochon cheese (AKA stinky cheese), and onions. It's your typical low-carb, low-fat meal. When one adds cornichons to this hot dish, it's oh-so-yummy. Come visit us during the cold months and you too can join in on this cheesy, carb-filled fun.

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