Monday, August 21, 2006

Notre visite de gite au Lac Blanc.

Me and my "cameraman" hiked up (and I mean, UP...3000 feet up) to the tres popular gite at Lac Blanc which faces Mont Blanc. Another gorgeous view included in my hellish hike to some gite. The original gite building was destroyed in an avalanche over 15 years ago...lovely. The building that stands there today is very nice. Though my major complaint was that there was no changing room. It was a gite that housed beaucoup de personnes and we were supposed to change out of our stinky clothes in front of everyone?! This gite is also a stop on one of the Tours in Chamonix. Some of the folks may be on the Tour du Mont Blanc, but a lot were on another one...a smaller one. There were lots of Italians, lots of French, and a sprinkle of Brits.
Me and the gite. See the lake? C'est petit.
This is a French mountain goat (AKA Chamois). I was so excited to finally see one up close!
We made it! OK...I made it. Darin probably could have completed it in half the time it took me.
My view. Pas mal?
The next day was gorgeous. Clear skies and sunny which provided us with an amazing view of the Mont Blanc Massif. This was taken in the morning from the gite's porch.

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