Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Visit to La Balme Chalet.

Here are some photos from my third gite/hut/chalet/whatever you want to call it experience. We went to a chalet that was situated on the Tour de Mont Blanc path. The hiking path was quite a hiker's highway. I'd never seen so many people on a hike. I just learned that the Tour (you hike around the complete Mont Blanc Massif and hike through 3 countries) is quite a popular thing to do in the summer. People can complete it in 5 - 10 days. There's also an annual race that one incredibly fit individual can complete in about 30 hours?! During our visit, it was 5 degrees, pouring, and snow was on all the mountain peaks that surrounded us. It was pretty yet muddy.
Me approaching the chalet.
At the entrance to the chalet.
A photo of our beds. The white sheet on my bed is the sac a viande. It was fantastic.
Sunset in the freezing cold. Mind's August.

I just finished the hike back to the car. I'm wearing a t-shirt, a thick fleece, a down coat, and a waterproof jacket.'s August?!


R_Claw said...

Um . . . where are the pictures of Darin?

Emily said...

You mean...the photographer?