Wednesday, August 23, 2006

My last gite visit...for now.

Not as pretty of a hike as the last one, but this one was easier. Due to the rainy weather conditions, only 10 people stayed at this hut which had enough beds for 70.

This cow approached Darin and I, at separate times, to sniff us. I swore I'd never eat beef again...or at least until I got back to the states and devoured an In-N-Out burger...animal style.

There I am...hiking away.
The French love to eat pork and serve it up for dinner at their gites. Darin doesn't like it or eat it so we would always ask for the vegetarian meal. I've never had so many omelettes in one month. This dinner was actually one of the best ones. Sauteed mushrooms and delicious ratatouille in addition to the omelette.
Our bed. Exciting, no?

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