Saturday, August 26, 2006

A stumbin', mumbin' fool.

This week, I had lunch with one of my language teachers from when I was at the language school. She has since left the school so she and I try to lunch together a few times each month. We met this week and I never felt so stupid. I was tripping over my words left and right. And later in the day, while I was on a walk, I ran into her as she was going home and as we parted ways, I said "Bonne nuit!"...something you would say before going to bed. She tilted her head in a way that said: "Huh?" and laughed. I immediately corrected myself and said, "Bonne soiree!" I knew what I was supposed to say...why didn't it come out of my mouth correctly?! I was so frustrated with myself. When I relayed l'histoire to Darin, he said that me stumbling over my words is, "excellent." Je ne comprends pas, mon cheri. He tells me that once I get over this "bump in the road"...I'll be speaking even better. I would like to agree, but I'm about to spend 3 weeks in the US where I'll probably lose all my french speaking ability.

Yesterday, I walked over to our neighborhood video rental store. That place is screwed up. They have hundreds of cheesy, yet grotesque looking horror films for rent and only one copy of "Walk the Line". I don't get it. Each time I walk into that place, I cringe and become frustrated because they never have movies that I want to see because they never have enough copies of that particular movie. As I'm checking out (I rented "Flight Plan" with Jodie Foster who speaks excellent french, by the way), I see that the place sells Ben & Jerry's ice cream. I was in a funk and what else to get you out of a funk, but a pint of chocolate ice cream. I saw that they sold a flavor called, "Chocolate Therapy". Ce serait parfait. The video store worker and I are trying to find a pint of that particular flavor and as we're searching through the little freezer, I ask him how much a pint costs. 7 Euros. Quoi?! Luckily, they didn't have that flavor...

On my way home, I stop into our fav boulangerie that was closed for 3 weeks for August vacation. I missed that place like nobody's business. As I'm leaving, an elderly lady stumbles as she's entering the boulangerie. A gentleman and I immediately help her back up and I hand her her purse and who does she thank for the assistance? Him. That's sexism, I tell you.

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