Sunday, July 16, 2006

Bastille Day. Shmastille Day.

I wished someone to have a good Bastille Day the other day and they responded with, "Huh?" I quickly learned that the holiday's actually called, "14eme de Julliet". Clever AND original. I prefer "Bastille Day" as it then helps me remember why we're celebrating this day. Darin and I celebrated with a nice bike ride/rollerblade along the lake. We bought a used bike a week ago. It's like 101 years old PLUS it's a racing bike. I don't think they make those racing bikes with women in mind. My chest got tired from my knees hitting it during those few hours of riding. Sometimes I wonder if this bike was once used during one of the first "Tour de France" competitions. That would be tres neat-o.

On Bastille Day, the country has a parade in Paris. I watched un petit peu a la television. Booooring. Military group after military group after military group marching down the Avenue des Champs-Elysees. Where are the enormous balloons of Asterix or the cheesy floats with singers like Johnny Hallyday singing on them? Rien. Usually at night, most of the towns continue the celebration with fireworks displays. We were hoping to watch them from our balcony. Again, rien. I later found out that Annecy postponed theirs to the 15eme de Julliet due to weather. Lame. On the 15eme de Julliet, my view from the balcony consisted of all the lights coming out of the apartments in Annecy, the impressive fireworks, and a most gorgeous lightning storm. C'etait cool.

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Jennifer said...

I guess this is like Americans saying "July Fourth" or "Fourth of July" instead of Independence Day... always good to know what you're celebrating!