Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Christmas in France...in July.

We've had a few visitors this past week and it's been FABulous. Of course, I've enjoyed their company, having the change to speak English, and having folks to hang out with, but...the gifts they bring us top it all off. Our first visitors this week brought me my fav mags (Real Simple, People, US Weekly) plus a pound of my all-time favorite See's chocolates. As I opened the box of See's, I tear fell down my cheek. Darin was just sitting next to me rolling his eyes. For that, I refuse to share the chocolates. Yes, we do have fabulous chocolate over here, but...See's = home. As D and the others were conversing in the kitchen, I laid on the couch and consumed the US Weekly. I soon realized how out of the USA entertainment world I was. "He died?", "They broke up?", "She's prego?"...where have I been? Like, it's the end of the world or something that I'm not up on this crap, right? I need to find a hobby.

Our next visitors (my in-laws), were kind enough to bring us a backpack full of goodies...my fav deoderant (c'est tres importante en France!), Jelly Bellies, People and US Weekly, Costco sized items we can't find in France, etc. It was like we were sitting around the tree on Christmas morning, opening up gifts. So fun!

Today, was my first day with my new private tutor. I've decided to take a break from the language school this summer. The tutor lives in a gorgeous house with a gorgeous view in a suburb right next door to Annecy. So I decide to use our new bike and bike to her home. Someone did mention to me that she lives on a hill, but I was thinking, "No problem. I'm sure it's not that bad. I can do it." Not. It's 33 degrees Celsius today...darn hot. Not only was I about to overheat as I was WALKING the bike up the hill, but the chain just had to fall off mid-hill. I successfully arrived at her door, but sweating like a pig and with oil all over my hands and face. Nice job, me. Good second impression. Let's hope I get better with this bike thing as the weeks progress.

P.S. Kudos to the USA for sending in another American (a California resident, no less) to kick some Tour de France butt. I, personally, was hoping for a Frog to win...it's only been 21 years.

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Mim said...

Ah, See's candy! When I use my See's canvas bag at the supermarket, I look around expectently for some one to say "ah, See's." So far, personne!