Monday, July 10, 2006

The World Cup brings out the babies in all grown men.

I am so embarrassed. And upset, of course. I really wanted France to win because we lived here now and, oh, how cool it would be to see people go crazy and be dangerous in the streets (again). No fair. I'm taking it personally now.

Ya know, I believe that each team has on their acting coach. Man, can the players fall down in such dramatic ways. Oh, and the finger pointing! Brilliant! Kudos to the Italian team. I would give them an Academy Award in a second. But, last night? I have never seen so many French fall down. There was one player who must have had his shoes on the wrong feet. He fell down so many frickin' times. Maybe it was just really windy on the field last night? OK. Sure. I think it was really "windy" on the fields every night of the Cup.

And-what-the-hell-was-Zidane-thinking? Not only is this the FINAL GAME of the World Cup and into OT and at a point where the team really needs him to be a mature, professional captain, but this is also the way he decides to end his football career? Pa-lease. Did you regress to a 5 year-old, Zidane? I hope someone sent him to his room after that embarrassing display. Pitiful. His fan club lost my membership. I hear he's possibly moving to our neighborhood. Who wants to TP with me?

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R_Claw said...

If he moves to your area can you hook me up with him? He's hot and I bet he makes a crap load of dough!!!