Wednesday, June 28, 2006

France rules, USA drools.

So now I care. We're in the quarter-finals, baby! Go us...I'm rooting for the home team now. Brazil's gonna beat us to a pulp this weekend. Cannot wait to see it. I'm bringing out the very expensive imported (from the USA) microwave popcorn for this show.

I just got back from a nice, relaxing trip to London. Man, I miss being surrounded by English speakers. To eavesdrop on and understand other's conversations...loved it. Last night, Darin picked me up from Geneva...the airport that can care less about what passport you have (they've never stamped mine) and will take their sweet time getting the luggage from the plane and down the conveyor belt. No exaggeration. An American waiting next to me said, "I have never waited so long for baggage." I replied, "Welcome to Geneva!"

We're in the car listening to the game (France vs. Spain) as we drive back to Annecy. I understood nothing except when France scored their goals because all you hear coming out of the car speakers for a few minutes is just screaming. Straight screaming. No words. I don't even think the dude took a breath. When I heard that, I would turn to Darin and said, "Hmm. They must have scored, no?" As we're searching for parking in front of our apartment building, Zidane (the only French player I know) scores the third goal and we've won. I get out of the car and all I can hear coming out of the open apartments windows? More screaming. So for about an hour, we hear screaming, cars honking, and those loud totally obnoxious horns that people like to sound off at sporting events. While Darin was sleeping through it all, I decided to join in on the screaming. :)

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