Saturday, July 01, 2006

Ugly naked guy.

For those "Friends" fans out there...Darin and I are happy to report that we have one living smack dab across the street from us. I had the pleasure (?) of seeing him again last night while making dinner. Let's call him...Fred. Fred likes to hang out on his balcony and watch the people down below on the street. Fred likes to do this...butt naked. Luckily (for Fred? I suppose for everyone else, really), the wall of the balcony covers Fred's private parts from public view. Thank god. Fred also likes to water his plants naked. How fun. The first time I saw Fred, he had his back to us and was bending over (!!!) to pick something up from the floor. I was in shock when I saw this. I yelled "Darin, we have an 'ugly naked guy' living across the street from us and I see his butt crack!". My husband's response: "Emily, please tell me why you're still looking?" Sorry, I just couldn't look away because I was sitting there he an exhibitionist? Does he think no one can see him? What the heck is going on here?

Last night, I was making dinner. A rare occasion. We had our windows open because it's still crazy hot. I was standing there cooking away and just glanced out the window and lo and behold, Fred is on his balcony again. And naked, of course. Do I really have to see this right before I'm about to eat?

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