Saturday, August 16, 2008


Dear Michael Phelps,

Wow. Wow. Wow. I just watched you win your seventh gold medal. TH and I both had our mouths drop to the floor as you beat your opponent by 0.01 second. In the same words of the French announcer who spoke about your win: "Incroyable."


Dear China,

Thanks to your one-child policy, don't certain families prefer male babies over female babies? Don't some families do terrible things to get rid of their female babies so they can have a son? Look at which sex has won the most gold medals in your country thus far. Women.


Dear French Olympic Announcers,

Yes, we too get emotional when someone wins/loses a gold medal or a medal at all. When you cry, it's cute. When you scream into your microphone, it's sorta loud. When you repeat the same phrase over and over and over due to certain emotions be it stress, excitement, sadness, disappointment, whatever, we got it the first time.

Keep up the good work. Thanks for being so human and genuine.


Dear certain male American track and fielders,

Please help me understand something...what's with wearing sunglasses during your evening races? It's already dark outside. And what's with those shiny light blue armbands? Help me understand the significance. Is it a fashion statement that just hasn't hit France yet?



Sam said...

Funny :)

Aberdonian said...

Regarding the sunglasses, for some it's a concentration thing. I have no idea about the blue armbands as I have a black and white tv.

Jennifer said...

Let me know if Michael Phelps writes back with a thank-you note!

Leah said...

I've been loving watching M. Phelps as well...amazing!

PS-I agree about the sunglasses, but the armbands were legit, they were aerodynamic thingamajiggers.

emily in sac said...

Re: China's one-child doc on HBO called China's Stolen Children...horrifying...70,000 children are kidnapped and SOLD or willingly SOLD by the parents PER YEAR. I decided to boycott this year's Olympics and have stuck to it. I started my own business recently and will only deal with US manufacturers. My product is 100% made in the USA. I severely limit my money to China as much as I possibly can. Confession though, I'd rather be living in France or Italy now as I love the romance languages and lived in Paris for a year...1999-2000. Longing to be in Europe, living vicariously through your blog. Thanks, Emily in Sacramento

Anonymous said...

Wow! Cool....

(sidenote: i wish i could get into the olympic spirit this year...)