Monday, August 11, 2008

Coming home to his "science experiments".

If some of you readers remember, the last time I went back to the US at the end of last year, I came home to discover some pretty disgusting things growing in our fridge and in our fruit and vegetable bowl. Guess what I found this time?! A banana so old that not a drop of liquid existed in it anymore. And it was the only thing in the fruit/veg bowl that now I wonder if he ate any fruits or veggies while I was gone or just put the fresh items on top of the dried banana. I. don't. get. it. And then the first thing I spotted after opening the refrigerator door was a container of creme fraiche that, I think, we opened before I left 4 weeks ago. I'll let your imaginations run wild with what color the creme fraiche had turned. Plus the cover to the container was clear so the insides were displayed as clear as day. I. don't. get. it. What does he eat while I'm away? How does he not see these things rotting away? Maybe he leaves them there on purpose so that I have something to nag him about when I get home.


Angela said...

LOL! It's a guy thing. He's probably like my husband who just cannot justify throwing food away. Even if it's gone bad. Even if it's growing arms and legs. Even if it's walking out of the fridge under its own power. He will not throw things away.

(I don't get the banana though. I just don't!)

PS - how are you coming with Lizzie? I am completely off track at the moment. I hope you are making better progress than I am!

Jennifer said...

I didn't think a banana like that was possible without using a dehydrator.

Nell said...

UGH! I know!!!! I think DH lives on American cheese "quesadillas" when I'm gone. scary!

Anonymous said...

In my defense, the banana was in the bottom of a bowl on top of the fridge - since I'm not so tall, I can not see inside the bowl without deliberately looking. Given that I thought the bowl was empty, no need to check for drying bananas.

FYI I ate lots of salads and veggies during the 4 week break, but I just left the produce on the table after purchase.

Just remember who cleans the bathroom and the toilet, okay?


Anonymous said...

What you are describing is clearly a case of “refrigerator blindness”, which is similar to snow blindness. It is peculiar to males, and should be treated as a disability, with patience and compassion. There is no known cure, but with proper training, it can be managed.

Begin with introducing some of his favorite foods in a very prominent position, i.e., directly in the line of his vision when he opens the refrigerator door. Exercise careful planning in positioning these items so as not to discourage or frustrate him. Make sure you are present when he opens the refrigerator door. If he spots one of these items, give him positive verbal feedback encouraging him to reach for said item. If he is successful, let him sit down in front of the refrigerator and praise him profusely as he happily munches on the reward. Continue with the training, gradually placing items slightly out of his direct line of sight. You should begin to see some improvement within 6 weeks or so.

Sadly, based on several scientific studies, the best you can hope for is to have items no further than 30 degrees from the direct line of sight, and never, repeat, never behind the very first row of items. Good Luck!