Saturday, May 24, 2008

I love it. I love it not.

I love it: I have a new student who I tutored for the first time yesterday. We were discussing her trip to the US west coast which she took with her family and friends about 15 years ago. She told me a story about them getting lost in "ookla" in Los Angeles. "Ookla? Where's that?" I sat there reflecting in my head for a minute or so about what "ookla" could possibly be. Ah ha! My response: "Actually, we call it U.C.L.A." :)

I love it not: Darin and I ventured across the border into Geneva last night for a yummy Mexican dinner and a movie: Indiana Jones 4. My review: save your money, really. Wait and rent it.

I love it: Our gas company constantly overestimates our monthly gas usage so we pay a decent amount every 3 months. Our recent bill was as an actual reading since someone came by to read the meter this past week. The bill for the past 3 months was only 13 Euros.

I love it not: Assholes who won't let you merge into their lane when you're trying to cross the French/Swiss border. It's not my fault they closed my lane and I have to merge into yours. Is civility dead?


Jennie said...

Ugh, I hate driving back from Geneva, especially the airport. It seems like the construction there is never-ending!!

Do you remember the name of the Mexican restaurant? I'm really missing Mexican food these days. :(

Emily said...

Jennie - the Mexican restaurant is right next to the Pathe! movie theater in the Balexert shopping center. It's yummy. But there is also a decent Mexican restaurant called Adelita's (I think) and it's in Sevrier. You'll see it right off the road, on the left, when driving towards Albertville.

Sara said...

i can related to most of those :)
my friend who spent a semester in Cameroon had the exact same "ookla" experience with her host family. and i was proud to get our gas and electric bills and see that our total usage is like a 4th of the average in the US. See, Al Gore would be proud of all of us :)

Victoria said...

thanks for heads up about about indiana jones.

TinkerBlue said...

I've lots of people here say the same thing about Indy 4. We'll probably end up going to the cinema to see it anyway.

I have the same problem with the US/Canadian border. It's obviously universal.

Liz said...

Don't get me started on filter really is my pet hate and the main cause of road rage in my car!!!! I shall wait for Indiana Jones to come out on dvd. Can't wait for SITC though!

The A.D.D. Knitter said...

Yes, the lane merge on a French road is truly one of life's great pleasures, isn't it? I read an article that said that Indy 4 made something like $311 million in it's first four days despite the lukewarm reviews.

Sam said...

Ookla. I love it too :)

olivier said...

gas invoice !!!
you have a phone number on the last invoice, you can call them every months and tell them your real usage.
otherwise, you paid the average use computed with numerous fact like : " how many people, how many windows, house insulation etc ..." you paid the average until they do a reading, but they can do only a reading every year.
same for electricity.