Thursday, December 13, 2007

Ranting and raving.

I just saw the amount of miles I gained from flying with SAS this past weekend. I am not happy. Due to the type of class I flew in, I only earned 25% of the total miles flown. I not only find this to be totally ridiculous, but also offensive. They say that the more one spends, the more miles one gains. So really, it's not a perk to gain the miles, I'm buying them instead. What's going on with these airlines??? I do not enjoy how classist they are. Like with United, they have a red carpet for those of a certain status...class...whatever to walk on before boarding the plane. Gimme a break. "Will all the peons please stand next to the red carpet while waiting to board?" I want to spit on that red carpet. Has anyone else dealt with this BS?!

On a happier note, I finished square #6...


Leah said...

A red carpet? That is ABSURD and I kinda can't believe that actually is real. I've never seen that before and I have flown with United, so maybe it's a new thing? I already get annoyed with their attitude of economy class passengers being the scum of the earth, but to get fewer miles? That's ridiculous. Argh!

dephal said...

Yay! Number 6!

I agree with you on the whole airline class thing. But I guess they have to find some way to get some people to spend thousands more to get to the same place at the same time.

Jennifer said...

I'm getting more fed up with each trip, myself. It seems like air travel is one of the few businesses left that can get away with no customer service, and stay in business (car sales is the other that comes to mind). Fees for this, fees for that, weird pricing, overbooking and bumping people from flights, dirty planes, stealing from employee retirement - these are practices that would put any other business out of business.

I've seen the red carpet thing, and to tell the truth, I just laugh at those folks. They don't look any happier for having the "service" of paying more to get on the plane faster (is it really that much different to wait on the plane than in the waiting area?).

Guess I was ready for a good rant, myself.