Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Turning 7.

This is the birthday girl. Her mom just sent me this adorable photo (and granted me permission to post). Reasons why this is such an adorable photo:

1. Her missing front teeth. Remember those days? I was afraid of the tooth fairy. I didn't want "it" to touch me so I slept away from the pillow that hid the tooth.
2. She's wearing the gift we gave her. She put it on before the wrapping hit the floor.
3. She was so enamored with the cake her mommy made, that she stared at it for what seemed like 30 minutes. During that time, I was able to take many photos of her around her very fun fairy mushroom cake.

I could just eat her up in this photo.


Linda said...

I love it when children are missing a tooth or two-so sweet.

Jennifer (the singing one) said...

Does anything ever equal the joy of being seven and having a birthday? What a cutie!