Thursday, May 03, 2007

Club Internet, je ne vous aime pas.

Last night, right after Darin called me from the US to call him back (we get free calls to the US), our DSL goes down. Good timing, I say. So, I call him back through our France Telecom "we like to rob you blind" phone line to tell him what's going on with the darn DSL and that the world is going to end if I don't have it working maintenant. He tells me that I can wait until he returns in 9 days to call Club Internet and get it taken care of. I don't think so. That could be 2 weeks from now! Ain't gonna happen. So I decide to call them myself and work my way around my lack of French technical knowledge. I get a rep who I converse with for a few minutes, but he must have either gotten annoyed with me asking him to speak slowly for the 100th time or felt that I would be more comfortable speaking to a rep who speaks English. He asks me to hold and not even a second later I have a rep on the phone asking me if I'd prefer to talk in English or French. I'd really like to take care of this before the calling center closes so let's talk in English. I caved. I tried to make things easier on him and spoke a lot of Franglish, but I think that confused him. At one point during the conversation, he asked me to find a certain plug thingamajig, but didn't know the word for it in English. I figured it out and then he asked me what the word was in English. My response, "Um, a beige truc?" I had no idea. Anyway, I'm DSL-less for the next 7 days (hopefully less than that). I told my tutor today that I think I might die not having any access to my internet lifeline.

During this whole time, I missed the presidential debate which I was hoping to watch as an French exercise. Is anyone else scared to find out Sunday's results?


Sara said...

for calling the US before your line gets fixed, we use TeleRabais, you dial 0800 310 310 and then you get a voice and then you dial the US number (starting with the 001), its lots of dialing but it gets billed directly to your phone bill and the call costs the same as a local call, something like 1 or 2 cents per minute.

ruthie said...

oh yeah, definitely. I saw the debate on tv and how they were getting angry at each other. looking forward to see who wins!
as for the food in Rome it was good but nothing really new. they cook the pasta very well of course, al dente! we went to good restaurants but I found menus a bit simple, maybe that's because here in Sofia menus are usually thick like a book and in Spain we have so much variety of food too.

joy suzanne said...


I watched it. I think Ségolène performed well. Cross your fingers. Or whatever it is that the French do for luck.

At least Bayrou came out the other day to say that he would NOT be voting for Sarkozy, calling some of his ideas "a dangerous threat to the fabric of french society". Hopefully that will sway some of the middle-right wingers who were supporting Bayrou a little to the left. Hopefully.

IslandGirl4Ever2 said...

I am interested to find out who will win.. I think it may be Sarkosy, though I would prefer Royal.. I don't like him.. well.... I don't trust him.. and believe me, being an American... and knowing BAD politicians.. I can REALLY spot them from miles away.... I hope that France will be in a better place if Royal wins.. and positive things will happen for the country.. I DID leave the USA for a reason, you know!!!

LPC said...

Have you seen the results tonight ? Too bad. And guess who's the first funny boy who called Sarko on the phone... it's George. I seriously think I should by a single ticket to Tombuctu.