Thursday, April 12, 2007

You know you're having a bad day when... tell the security guard at Monoprix to "stick it where the sun doesn't shine" or at least, try to convey your annoyance with the world that day. I didn't say those exact words because I don't know how to say those exact words in French.

He was walking down an aisle, looking all powerful and such, and I was following behind him looking for some hummus. At one point, he turned his head around and noticed that I was behind him. Soon after, he immediately stops dead in his tracks. Well, I kept going and, accidentally, ran into him with my metal basket chock full of groceries. I said, "Pardon". What more do you want from me??? He turns and warns me to be careful like he's giving me a lesson in safety or something. He says this to me twice. I laugh out loud at him and tell him that he needs to be careful too. Take that, Monsieur. Who knows if he even listened, but, man, did it feel good.

I hope he noticed me giving him the evil eye as I was checking out...


Jennifer said...

Some people hate to admit when they're in the wrong (that is, most FRENCH people hate to do it). I know that's a huge generalization but it's true!
Good for you for putting him in his place!

ruthie said...

Oh great!!! you're my hero. you wouldn't believe how rude bulgarians can be!
thanks for the info about Rome, I really appreciate it and wrote the name and # of the restaurant ;-)
ps: courage avec la voiture!

Jennifer (the singing one) said...

What IS it with security guards?? American ones can't get over the fact that they didn't make it to the police academy, and take it out on the rest of us. Hey buddy, leave me out of your inferiority complex. Give 'em hell, Em!

Shar said...

Too bad you didn't know how to say something really hurtfuly clever in French. :)