Friday, April 20, 2007

Swimming 2 km.

My friend and I swam 2 kilometers this morning. We're super proud of ourselves. That's 80 lengths in a 25 meter pool. We completed more than what's required for an International Distance Triathlon (up to 1.5 km). Go us. We did more than what's required for an Olympic Distance Triathlon (1.5 km). We rock. We didn't do more than what a crazy person must endure in an Iron Distance Triathlon which is 4 km. Oh well. Now all we need to accomplish is the running and biking parts of a triathlon and then WATCH OUT WORLD! No, we're not planning on doing a triathlon. Maybe a mini-tri...someday. Off to take a nap.


African Kelli said...

That is a wonderful accomplishment! Doesn't it feel great? I feel so powerful in the water, especially with that kind of distance.
And your photo of your pup is adorable!

pinkpoison said...

Emily! I'm not crazy! hahaha. I read it here:

Also how many hours ahead of the U.S. is France?

KT said...

You're a better woman than I... Ok off to find some Ho-hos!!

ruthie said...

you must feel so good after the swimming and after the napping heh heh