Sunday, March 18, 2007

Sunday lazy Sunday.

Currently enjoying the last day of a great weekend. Friday, we had some friends over for a nice dinner: du saumon avec de la crème fraîche et des raisin sèches, une salade, du fromage, du pain, et du sorbet et du vin bien sur. Saturday, Darin went skiing with a friend and I spent the morning with my friends before they left for Chamonix and then spent the remainder of the day cleaning up, doing a little reading, doing a little knitting, running some errands, and going on a long walk along the lake. D came home earlier than planned because his friend injured himself. :( So, D finished his book while I've been enjoying mine. Today, we woke up and finished the DVD that we didn't get to finish last night due to D falling asleep at 9:45 pm. We then watched our favorite bits of another DVD we recently purchased and have played to death during the past 2 weeks. Now, he's reading another book. And I'm about to figure out what to make for lunch.

Am I the only 30-something that pre-ordered Harry Potter 7? July can't get here sooner.

We've recently discovered YogiTea. Am loving the Green Chai and Cocoa Spice. The best part is reading the little fortunes on the teabag tabs.

We hope you all are having a nice weekend with your friends and loved ones. Go enjoy the beautiful weather, if you're having some like we are. :)

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Shefali said...

You are not the only 30 something that ordered Harry Potter...I did too!!! I CAN'T WAIT!