Monday, March 19, 2007


It's currently snowing. And here I thought spring had arrived for good and I was all prepared to start working on my tan. Sigh.

Today, I sit inside, unshowered (TMI?), and work on another translation. From time to time, I stare out the window to see how fast the size of snowflakes are changing. Honestly, I'd rather be finishing my book today. Has anyone read it? I love it. What did you think?

Also, for those few French residents who might skim this blog from time to time, I'm currently searching for some oh-so-yummy, yet easy recipes for dinners...something I can make for Darin and I or for dinner parties. Anything you can share, would be great!


Sara said...

the two easiest things i know how to make here:

1. raclette (got a grill from careforre for like 10 euros), just boil a few mini potatoes and you are ready to go, also good is cutting up some red and green bell peppers to make this cheese/carb meal a little healthier

2. crepes, you can get crepe mix in the grocery store (same aisle as the flour), just add some water and cook on the stove. i like mine with mushroom and cheese.

Claw said...

It snowed here in NYC too! What the H? I like that you got a recipe for Raclette - your fave!!! Miss you and cannot wait to see you this summer.


Jennifer said...

Yeah, it was a little weird to see that snow this morning!

African Kelli said...

I have heard wonderful things about that novel. Can't wait to read your review!
And snow. In France. You truly are lucky in many ways!