Friday, January 19, 2007

Mes résolutions de 2007.

1. Je vais continuer apprendre français./Je vais améliorer mon français.
2. Je vais trouver un travail. Bon chance, Emily.
3. Je vais apprendre conduire notre voiture.
4. Je vais faire du yoga 3 fois par semaine.
5. Je vais passer moins du temps dans ma tête.
6. Je vais cuisiner plus que maintenant.
7. Je vais bien manger.
8. Je vais écrire chaque jour mon journal anglais.
9. Je vais parler plus souvent français avec Darin.
10. Je vais monter et descendre l'escalier au lieu de prendre l'ascenseur.

I'm on a roll with the movies right now. Tomorrow night, we're off to see "Hollywoodland" here in English. Sunday, while Darin's working (AKA skiing), I'm going to see "Volver" with Penelope Cruz. In Spanish with French subtitles. That's quite a feat I have in front of me. Maybe I should bring along some M&Ms to fuel the brain...

Have you seen any of these movies? If so, what did you think?


African Kelli said...

I am so proud of myself for understanding those resolutions in French. I guess four years of college French and living in a Francophone country for five months isn't that easily forgotten. Viola! Je suis tres inteligent. Okay, maybe not so tres.
Anyway -- Volver is excellent. As a Spanish speaker, it was really difficult at first because I wanted to listen and to read the subtitles. Plus, the movie itself is beautiful. So there is a lot going on. Definitely worthy of some M&Ms and patience. Penelope is gorgeous.

barbara said...

Hi Emily, :)
I'am new in your blog .
Félicitations ; des résolutions en Français !
All the more power to ya ...
I'am also a US expat, married w/ a French hubby. I'am near Paris already since awhile .

Take a peek at our blog.
I'll come back très bientôt to yours.

Take care

Olivier said...

I really liked Volver. I always like Alomodovar's universe. A strange but nice story... and Penelope Cruz was wonderful!