Saturday, December 09, 2006

Un petit voyage a Rome.

Darin and I recently spent 2.5 days in Rome. Just a quick, little hop over the border. We had a fabulous time. Darin had never been before and enjoyed it. I'd been before (only for a day) and hated it. This wonderful trip erased my past horrendous experience.

Because I would be asked questions in a language other than English, I had the habit of responding or asking questions in French. I spoke in the foreign language I know best. It was weird being in a European country and not knowing the language (though we did learn a few words during the trip). It was uncomfortable at times, but I find that most Italians are much warmer than some French we've been in contact with while living here. We came across some Italians who felt more comfortable speaking French with us than English. I'm hoping Darin decides to learn Italian as his next language. I loved hearing people speak the language and, of course, use the mandatory hand gestures at the same time. I'm hoping they teach these hand gestures in the language classes.

Me in St. Peter's Cathedral. Such a subtly decorated place.

Our tour guide in the Colosseum. His stereotypical remarks about Americans and women were oh-so-entertaining.

Trevi Fountain. Gorgeous.

Inside the Sistine Chapel. Rules before talking, no eating, no drinking, no photos...oops.

A mummy in the Vatican Museum. She looked quite good for being dead for so long.

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Sara said...

ha, i do that speak french no matter what foreign country i am in thing also. its like the brain goes, oh, this language isn't english, it must be french.