Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Passover in France? Not possible.

Weather's warming up over here. No snow...yippee! But, rain in the mornings. Need I remind you that I walk to class everyday...45 minutes each way. But, the afternoons have been clear and gor-geous. It's a nice start to what I've been told numerous times to be fantastic summers. I can hardly wait.

Classes are going well. My test is tomorrow. Our prof tells us that she believes that everyone will move to the next level and that the purpose of the test is really for us (and our profs) to see what we know and don't know. What a relief!...I hope I understood her correctly now that I think about it. The day after we learned this, our other prof asked if we're ready for the test and then my fellow Korean classmate started to cry and continued crying throughout the entire class that day. We were all very confused.

So Passover's coming up and I asked my 2 Jewish friends and their father what they were planning on doing for the holiday. Somehow the conversation ended on the topic that Emily was going to cook the entire Passover meal for 6 people. They obviously did not get the clue that I don't cook. I bring store bought macaroons or Kosher wine to the Passover meal not make the brisket, gefilte fish, and matzoh ball soup...by myself. Think this dinner is really going to happen? You decide.

One more thing to mention...I feel I've reached a milestone in my French language learning process...I've started to search for things of interest on France eBay. Scary.

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R_Claw said...

Plus I will be in town for Passover! Go Cardozo!