Tuesday, March 14, 2006

All is well and cold in Annecy.

My cousin and his wife left this morning after a fun week long visit. I was very sad to see them go. It was truly wonderful to have people from my "home" visiting. I was fortunate in that my cousins brought me a double supply of Lactaid pills. Favorite fondue restaurant...here I come. I finally realized that my terrible habit of procrastinating in the mornings...doing everything possible to prolong my need to take a shower...is genetic. I feel better that there is someone else in the world driving their spouse crazy as much as I do.

It's been quite cold here in the French Alps. We've experienced quite a dumping of snow this past week. I'm not too sure if my cousins enjoyed this or not. Most of the students at my language school are cutting class tomorrow to go skiing. Nerdy Emily is not going. Peut-etre parce que je n'ai pas l'argent pour faire du ski maintenant (=possibly because I do have money for skiing right now).

Today in class, I learned that the French police are quite lazy. We learned who we should call if and when there is an emergency. My prof tells us that the police only come to you if and only if someone has died. She continues to tell us a story about a man beating up a woman and that someone called the police, but the police did not show up to the house for an hour because no one died. Amazing. If and when I need someone to help me...and there are no dead people in the vicinity...I am supposed to call les pompiers (= the firefighters). Sounds good to me...

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Lynn Filiatreaux said...

Emily, I am enjoying your French journey so much. I think I am having this vicarious experience through you. I met a friend at Butch n Nellies for coffee and thought of you. Lynn