Thursday, January 26, 2006

I stepped in merde.

I stepped in dog shit the other day...twice. I was walking home with some classmates...oblivious to what I was walking in. Normally, I look down as I'm walking because you never know. And Viola!...I step once and then twice...same dog shit just scattered all over the damn sidewalk. Luckily, I had friends to laugh with. I felt just like Carrie in "Sex in the City" but I wasn't wearing extremely expensive shoes and there was no little girl around to stick her tongue at me.

Other than that fun adventure, things are going well here in "frog country". I'm not frustrated with my the moment. We may have a new student join our group next month who would commute from Geneva (!!!) and is from Costa Rica. As soon as she finished introducing herself, I immediately said to her, "J'aime Costa Rica!" I hope she joins the class so we can talk about her gorgeous country. I also want to share with her that I have 4 bags of Costa Rican coffee sitting in my freezer at the moment (Thanks Missy!).

Today, I got my temporary resident card (carte de sejour). Now I just wait 3 - 4 months for my medical appointment. In France, I will be "Emily Reisman". Darin didn't translate the situation to me, but I guess it'll be difficult for a married couple with different last names to be entered into the prefecture's computer system. Fine with me.

I picked up one of my boxes today that I shipped 2 months ago. It was like Hanukkah all over again. Why do I have so many Nalgene bottles and why did I bring them all? I also forgot that I shipped over many packages of floss. After my trip here in November, I found out that floss is very scarce in this country. That scared me so I made sure my teeth (and Darin's) will be well taken care of.


Ching said...

i like to read your blog, because its really interesting for me. :) it made me laugh a lot when i finished reading your blog. :D

R_Claw said...

Dad would be so proud of the floss! Just like old times.