Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Ending a wonderful vacation.

Tomorrow, I start my journey back to France. I'm excited to see TH after almost being away for almost 4 weeks, but I'm also very sad to leave the USA. If only I could move back into my parents home and let them take care of me forever. Wouldn't that be nice?

A few things I'll miss:
1. a garbage disposal
2. a dryer (for clothes)
3. the diversity of cuisine
4. how cheap things are over here thanks to the strong Euro
5. my parents taking care of me
6. driving an automatic
7. English movies at my disposal
8. Hawaii
9. having a dog around
10. home cooking



Sara said...

i hear you on the parents thing! every time im home i think about how i didnt appreciate my dads yummy cooking enough when i lived there.

as for the dryer, i cant remember how long you guys are staying but the dryer we purchased a year ago has been worth every cent. its a condensation dryer so it doesnt need a vent, just a plug (you empty out the water reservoir every 2 or 3 loads). it works really well and i love not having to hang up every last sock! we got more or less the cheapest one they had at Darty and have been really happy with it (just make sure its a condensation one! not one that just heats the clothes and spins them around without removing the water)

Anonymous said...

have a safe trip home!

StarSpry said...

I'm glad you had a good vacation! Hope your trip home went well.

Jennifer said...

I think you need a dog. The downside to that is cleaning up the poo. Or you could do as the French do (according to your early posts). Which would be nothing.

Safe travels!!

Small Girl said...

Thanks for mentioning me too, oh wait. BOO! I'm telling MOM!!!