Sunday, July 13, 2008

Back in the USA observations.

It's great to be home. In total, I traveled 14 hours by plane plus 2 hours by bus plus 2 hours by car plus 45 minutes by SuperShuttle. California is far.

My first flight from Geneva to Newark was with Qatar Airlines. They call themselves the 5-star airline and I would definitely back that little piece of data up. I don't know how their flight attendants can do these long haul flights having flawless make-up the entire time. I also don't know how they deal with idiots who like to squirt their newly purchased from Duty Free perfume. On. The. Plane. It made me nauseous. I wanted to strangle the passenger, but the flight attendant told me that she would try to find the passenger and say something. I don't think she did because the passenger squirted the crap again soon after. Being in a confined space for many hours plus knowing that they recycle that air, I wasn't in the mood to share in that passenger's joy with his/her new purchase. BTW Americans, the plane was full so I like to think they're coming over to the US to spends lots of money.

Here are some of my initial observations since landing back on American soil:
1. They all speak English here!
2. We really are loud people.
3. Yogurt shops are taking over Manhattan. Are they taking over the country?
4. Pinkberry is awesome.
5. McDonald's makes a killing at JFK airport.
6. I can use my credit/debit card for purchases that equal less than 16 Euros!
7. Sadly, the air in my parent's neighborhood smells like smoke and has been like this for days and days. :(
8. Lactaid milk. Oh, how I missed thee.


Anonymous said...

i'm glad you got here safe and sound emily!

when we went to the wedding in las Vegas in june, when we'd walk down the strip..if you listened you noticed everyone was from europe or another country.
I'm sure gambling was far more appealing at how low our dollar is now.

Beverly said...

Did you kiss the ground when you landed back in the USA? I remember wanting to do that when I returned after living in Germany for several years, but of course, I didn't ... just really wanted to.
So sorry about the smoke in your parents' neighborhood and all over California. God bless the firefighters whoever they are.

Jill said...

Welcome "home" Em! I hope you have a great visit!

Leah said...

Have fun back home after your long, long perfume-filled trip! :)

Victoria said...

enjoy home emily!!

Yarn It said...

I am sooo jealous you live in France! I went there for a month to stay with a family in high school and loved it. I would love to go back and live for a time.

I hope you enjoy your time back in the US. Are you staying somewhere in California? I was just wondering because of your comment about the smoke - it is everywhere!

Anonymous said...

Welcome Home!!

Jennifer said...

Always good to see you when you're back in the 'hood. Have a wonderful visit and enjoy the perspectives of having roots in two countries.

tiennie said...

Glad you're having a good time!

Christine said...

Lactaid milk is lactose-free milk, right? You can get that in Germany too, so I would think that shops in France sell it as well.