Sunday, June 08, 2008

More sock knitting.

I recently joined a sock club where a part of the profits go to Ravelry. Each month, the skein is themed around something Ravelry related. The first month's installment was titled, "Mascot", and was dyed in honor of Bob, the site owner's dog. Black and white and pink for the tongue.

Project: Bob socks
Pattern: Toe-up. CO 64 sts.
Short row toe and heel. Stockinette st foot and 4x4 ribbed leg. 1x1 ribbed cuff. EZ sewn BO.
Yarn: Blue Hand Fibers
Colorway: Mascot
Needles: US 1.5 and 2 DPNs
Ravelry link


Ruth said...

Really cute socks!

Miss 376 said...

they look gorgeous

Nell said...

Those socks are as cute as bob!

Anonymous said...

What a great club for a great cause. And.. you get great yarn and socks out of it. Brilliant concept.

Anonymous said...

Cute Socks!