Wednesday, June 04, 2008


A colleague of THs lives in the building behind ours and has the cutest 2 1/2 year old. She was born merely days after I arrived in France. I recently met her and fell in love as soon as I saw her run. It was like a hopping/running sort of movement and it. was. adorable. We offered up our services to babysit the cutie-patootie. Not just because she's so damn adorable, but also because they own a Wii. What's not more attractive than watching a little munchkin that understands my terrible French (she's like the only person here in France that does) while kicking my husband's tush in Wii Tennis?!

TH came home tonight with good and bad news. The good news: we're babysitting l'enfant on Friday. The bad news: his colleague loaned the Wii to his brother.



MLJ1954 said...

I have to admit that I am lusting after a Wii. I do think it is something that Santa will bring our household this coming year, maybe in September?!?

I see it as being one of those things that we use during the dark days of winter and put away once our bikes are out.

Victoria said...

your plot was foiled!!

Jennifer said...

Gar! Darn those in-laws, alwasy borrowing the cool stuff. Oh well. All the better to play with the cutie-patootie. (To which I say - better you than me.)

Anonymous said...

Hubby is getting a Wii for his birthday. Only one more day of waiting! I think I'm more excited about his gift than he may be. ;-)