Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Fuzzy Wuzzy slippers.

Don't ask me why I'm knitting so many items that won't be worn during these warm months. I need to knit something and I prefer wool. These slippers were my first attempt at knitting humongous socks from the cuff down and at felting. They're like Shrinky Dinks. I knit up some huge socks and then threw them in the wash and they stiffen and shrink up.

Project: Fuzzy Feet by Theresa Vinson (knitty.com)
Yarn: 2 skeins of
Brown Sheep Lamb's Pride Bulky that I won in a contest
Colorway: Grey Heather
Needles: US 13
Ravelry link


Anonymous said...

Those look super cozy!

sgeddes said...

I haven't thought os Shrinky Dinks in a long time! The slippers came out great.

tiennie said...

They are really cozy looking!

La casa nella prateria said...

I love them! How do you get the right size?

Victoria said...

Do they still make shrinky-dinks?

Victoria said...

btw, to answer the comment you left on my blog, i found the website for the work exchange. it's called woof or wooff.

i definitely will consider that in the future! but after working two jobs (one full time, one part time) and grad school, i need a break from work.