Sunday, April 06, 2008

11/24 squares.

I'm sorry that this blog has recently been about nothing but knitting. So in a nutshell, life's good and busy. My mom and aunt are visiting next week and I'm very excited about that. This is my aunt's first time in France and I always enjoy seeing the country through a newbie's eyes. Today, TH is skiing with some US friends who are spending most of their time in Chamonix to ski the crap out of it. We're also busy planning our summer, savoring a 6 Euro tub of Ben & Jerry's ice cream, and mourning the loss of this airline, and this airline, and this airline.

Here's the latest and greatest square. I call it the "Becca-lecca square". My sister gifted me this pretty skein thus I name it after her.

Project: Lizard Ridge Blanket from
Yarn: Noro Kureyon
Color: 215
Needles: US 5 and 6
Ravelry link


screamish said...

love the bekka lekka square...definitely could frame it...!

guiltypleasures said...

Am I the only one not knitting Lizard Ridge? I'm so jealous. It's going to be stunning.

Angela said...

Looks great! You're way ahead of me as I just completed 9.

Jill said...

each square is more beautiful than the last. i can't wait to see it all put together!!