Monday, January 21, 2008

"Scrubs" addicts.

Premise: my husband and I watch our DVDs of "Scrubs" all...the...time. What do we watch/listen to in the mornings as we're getting ready for work or whatnot? "Scrubs". While I knit? I like to watch "Scrubs". After dinner and nothing good on the boob tube? Let's watch some "Scrubs".

So last night, we're about to watch a DVD of our beloved American TV show when Darin finds an episode on TV dubbed in French. Even though we've seen it a billion and one times, we watch it, but I must of spaced out and was completely unaware that we were watching it in French and not English. After about 5 minutes, I realized that we were, in fact, watching it in French and I understood everything that was going on. It's either due to the fact that I knew that episode like the back of my hand or because I know French so darn well.

Answer: I watch too much "Scrubs".


Penny said...

Hey, that is really impressive - well done!


Amy said...

I watch too much scrubs too. a lot. love.

so you're not alone. and now, if i ever go to france, i know where to go for my scrubs fix. ;)

Jennifer said...

TH loves scrubs, too. I always figured he could relate to the hospital dramas and laughs.

You rock for understanding it in French!! Give yourself some credit, sil vous plait.

Kim/Thomas said...

Hi Emily!

Okay, so i'm curious, who are your cousins in Skaneateles?

misschrisc said...

Oh that´s always nice when you start forgetting which language you´re listening to.

Anonymous said...

Wow, I dream of this moment!