Saturday, January 12, 2008

It's snowing!

As such, I sit here enjoying my coffee out of a ginormous mug and staring at the view of the snow hitting the rooftops and blanketing the hills and mountains surrounding Annecy. TH is skiing today. What am I doing? Laundry, dishes, knitting, running errands for tonight's sleepover in Megeve with friends (fondue dinner!!!), and packing. Lucky me.

Been working on my resolutions. I swam three times this week. I love how I rinse off at the pool and then come home and take a proper shower, but still smell like chlorine after using soap. That stuff is lethal.

Today, I'll start to knit my first sweater ever. Through Ravelry, I'll be knitting it along with a group of knitters from around the world. It'll be nice to have some support (other than from TH and my knitting group) as I attempt to knit a sweater. What am I getting myself into?!

Last night, TH and I went over to a co-worker's new apartment for some drinks and conversation. His co-worker and her partner re-did everything and it was super nice. I was drooling a little at how big and clean and modern their place is. But I have no desire to do any of the work myself, if and when we buy a place, wherever it happens to be. My eyes are definitely bigger than my pocketbook. So TH was talking about some movie we recently saw and one of the ladies responds a bit harshly to him. I picked that up right away. "What's up her butt?", I whispered to TH. On the car ride home, we were discussing how sensitive I am towards people's nonverbal communication. Is it because I don't understand the language 100% so I rely on something else to help me in understanding the conversation? I don't know, but I do remember coming to France for the very first time many years ago, knowing absolutely no French. We were having lunch with friends and two people in the group started talking loudly to each other. I turned to Darin and asked him if they were fighting. He responded that they weren't. A second later the female threw a glass of water into the male's face. I love it when I'm right. :)


Virtuous said...

OOh I love that you have been there for 2 years and you went there for school. How much longer do you have? Or will you live there indefinitely?

Thanks for coming by to visit my blog!

Anonymous said...

Ewwww... I'm on the waiting list for rivalry. You lucky girl.

Anonymous said...

whoa! I've never actually witnessed somebody doing that, but I'd love to for some reason.

mushroommeadows said...

I totally know what you mean about the pool smell. :)

Texas Espresso said...

HAHA - I love the argument story. My husband is Italian and I have the WORST time understanding if they are just talking or arguing. usually I am wrong

woohooo cross cultural fun!