Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Oh USA, how I will miss you and...

1. Those who like to talk on their cell phones in the fast lane. Hurray for the CA law that will soon ban driving while talking with a cell phone in your hand! People, now is the time to invest in Bluetooth.

2. Strip malls. They are ugly and they are everywhere.

3. The gazillion plus one fast food restaurants this country houses. I only ate at In N Out during this visit and every bite of that cheeseburger Animal Style was worth it.

4. Watching The Today Show while sipping my coffee every morning. Am I the only one who thinks that show has become a TV version of the National Enquirer? I used to find it fun to watch, but now I find it to be a tad ridiculous and the hosts are incredibly fake. I suppose it's decent bubblegum for the brain.

5. Being able to relax since I know this language fairly well. In France, my brain is working 24/7. This is definitely a vacation.


The Late Bloomer said...

I totally agree with you on the strip malls! Every time I go home to the U.S. I'm dumbfounded by them, here there and everywhere... Boggles the mind!

I do like to have a bit of a junk food fix while I'm home too, but I mostly treat myself to Chick-Fil-A, isn't that funny? That and LOTS of bagels!

I haven't seen the Today Show in years, but I can imagine how bad it must be now. I'll have to check it out when I'm there at the end of the month... Love that idea: bubblegum for the brain!

Oh, and I also completely agree on the language break! And just turning off the brain, completely relaxing, vegging for a short time -- it just feels good! I'm also looking forward to watching some silly American comedies on DVD with my brothers...

Jennifer said...

Love In'n'Out. Did you know you can get the fries animal style? Disgustingly good. Also, I like to get their milkshakes Neopolitan" style - chocolate, strawberry and vanilla all swirled together. Yum.

ps. Loved seeing you for lunch!!

Jennifer said...

I agree on the strip malls, too. They ARE ugly, but I have to admit that if there's a Barnes & Noble or Borders in one of them, I'm THERE. :)

Emily said...

JW - I've never heard of the Neopolitan milkshake. Must try that next time. I have had the fries Animal Style, but can't do the fries AND burger that way or I'd be sick.