Tuesday, November 27, 2007

The price of gas is what?

Last time I was in California was over a year ago. Not a whole heck of a lot has changed, but being back, I've been pretty blown away about a few things:

1. How big cars are over here. There are a heck of a lot of SUVs and they're everywhere. And they're blocking my view.
2. The price of gas! Crazy. And gas is needed for all those big cars to run. Yikes. And what's sad is that the price is going to continue to rise.
3. American breakfasts in restaurants are ginormous. No measly baguette with butter and jam and coffee over here. The other day, I had eggs with corned beef hash, grits, and a cinnamon roll as tall as the Eiffel Tower. And it was good.
4. How cool my mom's iPhone is. These gadgets are amazing. Remember the days when cell phones were as big as bricks? And that did next to nothing but allow you to make phone calls that cost around $5/minute?
5. How wonderful Tivo is. And Netflix. And mom's cooking.
6. What terrible luck I've been having with the airlines. I just got a call this morning that one of my flights back to France has been canceled. Is it just me with bad luck or are others, who fly internationally, having these inconveniences too?


Sara said...

oh no! what happened with your flight?

but i think 2 is great, it means there will be less 1 soon!

Emily said...

Sara - they didn't know the reason why it was canceled, but were able to rebook me on an earlier flight out of San Jose = 6 hour layover in Chicago.

Sara said...

ugh :(

i guess you can see it as your last chance to get an American meal and some American shopping in the airport. :)

Victoria said...

ugh, i hate getting stuck in chicago!

right next to those suvs, didn't you see all of the hybrid cars?! it's amazing how many more of them are in california compared to new jersey

also, i would like to note that when i started driving i'm pretty sure gas was less than $1

African Kelli said...

How about how big the people are? I swear every time I come home from an international trip I am shocked (shocked!) how clean the streets are, how wide the streets are and how big the people are.