Wednesday, October 24, 2007

RIP little fella.

Last weekend, while at Carrefour, I spotted a package of these babies. Let's have spaghetti with shrimp tonight!, I said to TH. I don't know why I had the idea of doing this again, because last time I bought des crevettes roses (prawns), my fingers smelled like fish for days. But, they just looked so good so we did it and guess who had to pull the heads off these little guys? That'd be me and it was horrible and I couldn't look at them while I was doing it. This might be the last time I ever do it. If TH wants to eat them, then he'll need to be the one who pulls them apart. It was too traumatic.

But the dinner was good. And I wonder why I could never be a vegetarian?


African Kelli said...

YUM! Those look great.

Jennifer said...

Mmmmm, love the shrimp. though, can we really call them shrimp? My goodness, those are HUGE!! Even for prawns. Lucky you.

p.s. was there creme freche (sp) in this dish?